The Panzer IV got a direct hit either on its gun (7.5 cm KwK/L24) and on its turret

The Panzer IV got a direct hit on its 7.5 cm KwK/L24 gun

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The Panzer IV got a direct hit either on its gun (7.5 cm KwK/L24) and on its turret

The Panzer IV got a direct hit either on its gun (7.5 cm KwK/L24) and on its turret – a close-up shot for the details.

In North Africa, April 1941.


Did you know?

The 7.5 cm KwK 37 L/24, also known as the 7.5 cm Kampfwagenkanone 37 L/24, played a significant role during World War II as a short-barreled tank gun utilized by the early Panzer IV tanks. It resembled a howitzer in many ways due to its relatively short barrel. Additionally, a modified version called the StuK 37 found its place in the early StuG III assault guns.

Originally, this gun was designed to serve as an infantry support weapon, mainly firing high-explosive shells. The shorter barrel was a characteristic feature of its design. Surprisingly, it proved to be effective not only in its intended infantry support role but also against enemy tanks encountered early in the war.

As of March 1942, newer versions of the Panzer IV and StuG III were equipped with a modified version of this gun, the 7.5 cm KwK 40, which had a longer barrel and was derived from the 7.5 cm PaK 40 anti-tank gun. This upgrade significantly enhanced their anti-tank capabilities.

Interestingly, when older Panzer IVs underwent the process of being up-gunned, their former KwK 37 guns were repurposed and found new life as armaments for later Panzer III tanks and various infantry support vehicles.


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