The Sd.Kfz. 124 "Wespe" self-propelled gun is undergoing track replacement.

Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe self-propelled gun

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The Sd.Kfz. 124 "Wespe" self-propelled gun is undergoing track replacement.

The Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe self-propelled gun is undergoing track replacement.


Did you know? In 1942, due to the significant demand for mobile artillery on the Eastern Front, the “Wespe” artillery piece was developed. This weapon resulted from a collaborative effort involving Alkett (responsible for the body), MAN (handling the chassis), and Rheinmetall-Borsig (manufacturing the gun), with assembly carried out by Famo in Warsaw. The chassis used for this creation was derived from the Panzer II version F, as the Panzer II no longer met the contemporary requirements for a frontline tank and was consequently deemed unsuitable for active service on the front lines. This made a surplus of chassis available for conversion.

Modifications to the chassis included repositioning the engine towards the center of the vehicle and slightly extending the hull. The design featured a tall, box-like structure with an open rear and top sections, housing the 10.5 cm light field howitzer 18. The driver occupied a closed driver’s compartment, while the remainder of the crew within the body had only limited armor protection.


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