Sherman tanks at the Second Battle of El Alamein!
Sherman tanks at the Second Battle of El Alamein!

Sherman tanks at the Second Battle of El Alamein!

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Sherman tanks at the Second Battle of El Alamein!

🌌🔥Sherman tanks at the Second Battle of El Alamein!

In this historic battle, Sherman tanks of the Eighth Army blazed across the desert, shaping the outcome of World War II. 🌍💪
✨ Battle Stats:
🔸 Date: 23 October – 11 November 1942
🔸 Location: El Alamein, Egypt
🔸 Forces: Allied (Eighth Army) vs. Axis (German-Italian Panzer Army)
🔸 Result: Decisive Allied victory
💥 The Second Battle of El Alamein marked a turning point in the North African campaign, halting the Axis advance and bolstering the morale of the Allied forces. It showcased the strategic brilliance of General Montgomery and the tenacity of the Eighth Army.
📸 Check out this captivating image capturing the Sherman tanks in action during rhe Second El Alamein battle. Witness the power and determination that led to the ultimate triumph of the Allied forces.
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Elefant tank destroyer - Sdkfz 184 - Panzerjäger Tiger P heavy tank destroyer

Elefant Tank Destroyer

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Nashorn Tank Destroyer SdKfz 164 Hornisse with 8.8 cm PAK

Hornisse Tank Destroyer: SdKfz 164 Nashorn

Alfred Großrock, top Panther ace of Germany in World War 2 on the commander's position

Legendary Panzer Aces

Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar

Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär

German Panzer III (Panzerkampfwagen III) Main Battle Tank

German Panzer III (Panzerkampfwagen III)

Tiger P Tank by Ferdinand Porsche vk 45 01 P with 8 8 cm Gun

Tiger P Tank by Ferdinand Porsche: vk 45.01 P

Im Westen, Panzer V (Panther), Image source: Bundesarchiv, Bild 101I-490-3270-06A / Stöpfgeshoff / CC-BY-SA 3.0

The Panzer V Panther Tank

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